About Angharad

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Executive coach guiding high achievers through the intricate pathways of new leadership roles

I’m Angharad Ross, a Henley Business School trained executive coach who supports executives through the intricate pathways of leadership roles. I specialise in supporting leaders through transitions to new roles and ongoing performance and leadership coaching.

For over 15 years, I navigated the corporate world. I’ve handled multi-million pound projects, orchestrated intricate negotiations, nurtured high-performing teams, crafted bespoke leadership development initiatives, and devised growth strategies.

Today, I empower executives to rise to greater heights.

An athlete at heart (I love running and triathlons!), I’m drawn to clients who share my passion for development and achieving greatness. If this sounds like you and your team click below to book a complimentary confidential call with me.

I’m not a stereotypical Coach


Every Coach has their unique style (which is why it’s important to find one you click with) but there’s a stereotype that lots of us are busting.

There’s a view that coaching is fluffy, maybe a bit new worldy and soft. Those are definitely not words used to describe me or the coaching I’m qualified in.

As someone with a DiSC DC / Myers-Briggs ENTJ / Insights Blue Red personality style, as a Coach I am:
– Direct and appropriately challenging, helping clients dig deep and use their autonomy to gain new insights about themselves and situations.
– Steady and calm, I’m alongside people and their emotions but not in it.
– Results-driven, so I’m invested in helping people get to where they want to go.

I have a corporate leader background, rather than an HR background, so I know what it’s like first-hand and I can quickly get to grips with your context. I’m also qualified specifically in Executive Coaching so I’m equipped to deal with organisations of any shape and size.

When not supporting leaders, teams and organisations…


You’ll find me hiking mountains with my Husband, volunteering on the Committee of Reading Business Club or at my local Community Café, cooking something yummy, cycling along country roads (probably to a pub) and walking my Golden Retriever Alba. I’m also a qualified Fitness Instructor, for fun!

Angharad with her Golden Retriever dog

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